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TPLWU strongly believes in connecting with the community and spreading the word about the importance of libraries, literacy and social justice. 

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Image Deputation Oct 23 2017

Library Workers: Our Issues

A presentation by the Toronto Public Library Workers Union

October 23, 2017

TYRLC Leadership Institute March 2015 re TPLWUCampaign

Presentation to the TYRLC Leadership Institute

President Maureen O'Reilly talks about the success
of the 2011/2012 Fight Back Campaign.

Saturday, March 28, 2015.

 ETFO womens conference

ETFO launched its 2015 …and still we rise
conference with a dinner to celebrate the
amazing union leadership by women in the
education sector and across the labour movement.

This video was used to introduce these
leaders to conference delegates.


Controversies in Working-Class
Consciousness: Ford Nation
v. the Toronto Left

Maureen O'Reilly delivers speech at York University

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OLA Presentation January2015 PrecariousWork

Presentation to Ontario Library Association

"Library Workers and Precarious Work"

January 2015

CALM Presentation November2014

Presentation to Canadian Association
of Labour Media

A presentation by Maureen O'Reilly about TPLWU's
campaign strategies

November 8, 2014


Forging Solidarity

An Event sponsored by the Council of Canadians.

Maureen gave a presentation on the
barriers to secure employment faced
by women and youth in the librarian
profession, and by extension elsewhere
in the economy.

She was part of a panel that included
Andrea Furlong, Jojo Geronimo and Tom

Hamilton, October 3-5, 2014




As the opening keynote speaker,
Maureen gives a presentation to
the Atlantic Provinces Library

Moncton, June 3-4, 2014

2014 OALT Conference Program

41st annual conference of the Ontario
Association of Library Technicians (OALT)

Kingston, May 1, 2014


Community Services and Your Rights
at Work

Sponsored by Unifor

Maureen gives a presentation on
precarious work, particularly in
respect to women and youth.

Toronto, March 27, 2014


Strengthening our Voices: A Political
Primer for Library Workers

Maureen delivers a speech at the2014
Ontario Municipal Library Workers

Richmond Hill, March 25-26, 2014

 Presentation to UASLIS---March-2014

Labor Relations, The Role of Unions &
Public Libraries

Presentation to the University of
Alberta’s School of Library and
Information Science

March 17, 2014


Dollars & Sense

CUPE Ontario’s first ever Secretary-
Treasurers Conference

Maureen was a panelist on the Saturday
discussion. Others involved were Fred
Hahn as Moderator, Charles Fleury and
Candace Rennick

Panel discussed Political Activism
and Members’ Dues

Richmond Hill, January 22-25, 2014

Presentation TPLB EmployeeLabourRelations H n S

Presentation to the Toronto Public Library 
Board Employee and Labour Relations

September 12, 2013


Social Service Workers' Conference 2013
Transcript of Maureen O'Reilly's speech

Sheraton, Toronto, March 22, 2013

 Presentation TPLB EmployeeLabourRelations

Presentation to the Toronto Public Library
Board Employee and Labour Relations

April 8, 2013


Librarian Glasses

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RT @LibrarianshipCA: Hundreds protest Toronto library event featuring controversial speaker
Oct 31
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RT @joe_cressy: With you in spirit. If a broken policy is allowing discrimination to flourish, the policy must be changed. Our libraries sh…
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Handing out buttons at Palmerston Library. Thank you to all #libraryworkers + allies who were able to attend to su…
Oct 29
RT @CPoTGDK: Libraries should be for everyone! Come show your support at Palmerston Library 6pm today Oct 29 #TakeBackTPL #ProtectTransKids
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RT @fondfaun: hey look, it’s @GwenBenaway getting things off to a brilliant, passionate start at the @PrideToronto pre-#TakeBackTPL rally!…
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Oct 28
“Planned event reignites debate about libraries’ role as forum for free speech...”
Oct 25
RT @CUPE905: To conclude Ontario Public Library Week, we highlight one of our longest standing library warriors, Kathy Coates. Kathy explai…
Oct 25
Staffless Libraries: A Bad Idea. Reason #5 (Theft @torontolibrary is the biggest and busiest urban public library…
Oct 25
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Oct 25
RT @kristynwongtam: Thank you @GordPerks for your support of this motion to review the booking policies for city-owned facilities, includin…
Oct 25
RT @GraphicMatt: Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has a motion on next week’s Council agenda asking for a report on ways to strengthen the City’…
Oct 23
RT @CPoTGDK: Our statement on @torontolibrary renting space to someone who promotes discrimination against trans people @JohnTory @vbowles
Oct 22
At TPL Board meeting. Multiple deputations to packed room + overflow. Pride Toronto, the 519 + citizens express opp…
Oct 20
RT @CUPE391Pres#CanadianLibraryWorkersDay Our members and #librarywarriors across the country love what they do, today and every day. Vis…
Oct 19
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Oct 18
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Oct 17
RT @kayee13: I've been thinking of all the wonderful librarians and staff at TPL since all this happened. My respect and S/O to them for th…
Oct 17
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Oct 17
Staffless Libraries: A Bad Idea. Reason 13 (Inappropriate Computer Use @torontolibrary provides free computer and…
Oct 17
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Oct 17
RT @fairwagesnow: And you can help! Call Doug Ford and ask him to sign Section 83(4) of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act to prevent…
Oct 17
RT @fairwagesnow: Shamefully @fordnation had the workers and constituents occupying his office arrested and taken out the back door. But t…
Oct 16
RT @PFrache: Incredible support here in #EtobicokeNorth! Ontario wants @fordnation to enact the law! Sign section 83(4) Protect temp agency…
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Oct 16
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