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Melvils Girls-CLC-Feliciter-issue2-2013


O’Reilly, Maureen. "Melvil’s Girls: Still Struggling to
     Survive."The Feliciter. Canadian Library
     Association, Issue #2, 2013, Vol. 59.

Toronto Star op-ed MOR Mar142014

O'Reilly, Maureen. "When will the city learn to
     love its librarians?" Opinion/Commentary,
     Toronto Star, March 14, 2014.

TorontoStarOp-Ed-ByMaureenOReilly-PublishedMar29 2013
 O'Reilly, Maureen. "Why Toronto City Council
     neglects our great library system is a mystery"
     Opinion/Commentary, Toronto Star, March 29, 2013.
Partnership-vol8 no1 2013

 O'Reilly, Maureen. "Engaging Patrons: Fight Back on
     the 2011-2012 Toronto Budget and Beyond"
     Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and
     Information Practice and Research.
     vol. 8, no. 1 (2013).




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Nov 12
RT @CUPEOntario: Some at OMERS are trying to rig the rules to weaken the voices of workers and get rid of benefits like guaranteed indexing…
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RT @cartwrightTO: Today we remember courage + sacrifice. WW1 was supposed to be "the war to end all wars". Millions died on battlefields s…
Nov 09
Staffless Libraries: A Bad Idea. Reason #56 (Technical Difficulties @torontolibrary offers access and training to…
Nov 08
Urgent: to all CUPE workers who are part of the #OMERS pension plan. Read this important notice from @cupeontario
Nov 02
Staffless Libraries: A Bad Idea. Reason #19 (Poor Security) Workers @torontolibrary consistently report not feelin…
Oct 31
RT @acmjis: Huge thanks as well to the many organizations that co-hosted & endorsed, incl @Local4948 @CJusticeTO @SURJto @MaggiesToront
Oct 31
RT @LibrarianshipCA: Hundreds protest Toronto library event featuring controversial speaker
Oct 31
RT @marchollin @Local4948 @TPLWU4948Pres @CUPEOntario @PrideToronto @4948Warriors Thanks for the buttons, friends!!!
Oct 30
RT @dhunnasim: Going strong with #TakeBackTPL @acmjis has been leading a beautiful read-in of trans, non-binary, and two-spirit writers. A…
Oct 30
RT @joe_cressy: With you in spirit. If a broken policy is allowing discrimination to flourish, the policy must be changed. Our libraries sh…
Oct 30
RT @BillyRayB: On the same day she won one of the country’s top prizes in poetry @GwenBenaway is helping lead one of the most significant…
Oct 30
Handing out buttons at Palmerston Library. Thank you to all #libraryworkers + allies who were able to attend to su…
Oct 29
RT @CPoTGDK: Libraries should be for everyone! Come show your support at Palmerston Library 6pm today Oct 29 #TakeBackTPL #ProtectTransKids
Oct 29
RT @fondfaun: hey look, it’s @GwenBenaway getting things off to a brilliant, passionate start at the @PrideToronto pre-#TakeBackTPL rally!…
Oct 29
RT @CUPEOntario: October 28, MPPs are back at Queen’s Park. The #powerofmany is telling them to end cuts to #publicservices #education, wo…
Oct 29
RT @fondfaun: omg CUPE @Local4948, the Toronto Public Library Workers Union, just endorsed our #TakeBackTPL protest!!!!!!!!! solidarity f…
Oct 28
“Planned event reignites debate about libraries’ role as forum for free speech...”
Oct 25
RT @CUPE905: To conclude Ontario Public Library Week, we highlight one of our longest standing library warriors, Kathy Coates. Kathy explai…
Oct 25
Staffless Libraries: A Bad Idea. Reason #5 (Theft @torontolibrary is the biggest and busiest urban public library…
Oct 25
RT @PrideToronto: UPDATE: PRIDE TORONTO'S TRANS RALLY- TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2019 BARBARA HALL PARK. The Trans Rally will start at Barbara H…
Oct 25
RT @kristynwongtam: Thank you @GordPerks for your support of this motion to review the booking policies for city-owned facilities, includin…
Oct 25
RT @GraphicMatt: Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has a motion on next week’s Council agenda asking for a report on ways to strengthen the City’…
Oct 23
RT @CPoTGDK: Our statement on @torontolibrary renting space to someone who promotes discrimination against trans people @JohnTory @vbowles
Oct 22
At TPL Board meeting. Multiple deputations to packed room + overflow. Pride Toronto, the 519 + citizens express opp…
Oct 20
RT @CUPE391Pres#CanadianLibraryWorkersDay Our members and #librarywarriors across the country love what they do, today and every day. Vis…
Oct 19
RT @PrideToronto: Pride Toronto’s Board of Directors public statement on Toronto Public Library’s decision to allow Meghan Murphy’s event t…
Oct 18
RT @JILLSLASTWORD: "As a proud member of Toronto’s queer community, I stand in solidarity with LGBTQ folks, as well as with local writers a…
Oct 17
RT @kayee13: I've been thinking of all the wonderful librarians and staff at TPL since all this happened. My respect and S/O to them for th…
Oct 17
RT @waharnum: This @Local4948 letter on the transphobic room booking situation at Toronto Public Library is excellent, proud of my old unio…
Oct 17
Staffless Libraries: A Bad Idea. Reason 13 (Inappropriate Computer Use @torontolibrary provides free computer and…
Oct 17
RT @torontolabour: Library warriors with @FredHahnCUPE at #occupyford today - calling on #Conservatives to enact the law + save lives! http…
Oct 17
RT @fairwagesnow: And you can help! Call Doug Ford and ask him to sign Section 83(4) of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act to prevent…
Oct 17
RT @fairwagesnow: Shamefully @fordnation had the workers and constituents occupying his office arrested and taken out the back door. But t…
Oct 16
RT @PFrache: Incredible support here in #EtobicokeNorth! Ontario wants @fordnation to enact the law! Sign section 83(4) Protect temp agency…
Oct 16
RT @Lanampayne: Sending so much solidarity. Stay strong friends #canlab Justice for Fiera workers #onpoli #elxn43
Oct 16
RT @Pattycoates#occupyford continues inside his office as people rally outside. Let’s get section 83 (4) regulation signed and implement…
Oct 16
RT @LiisaSko: Mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living - occupation at @fordnation office going strong, labour and community unite…
Oct 16
RT @stephvanstralen: No more workplace deaths! Justice for temp workers #occupyford