Toronto Public Library Workers Union

Precarious Work in TPL: Toronto's Challenge

  • Precarious Work in Toronto Public Library: Toronto's Challenge

Our Public Library Campaign

  • Our Public Library
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (English)
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (Portuguese)
  • Alejandra Bravo (English)
  • Alejandra Bravo (Spanish)
  • Paula Fletcher
  • Fred Hahn, President CUPE Ontario
  • Councillor Joe Mihevc
  • Winnie Ng (Mandarin)
  • Councillor Gord Perks
  • Rathika Sitsabaiesan (English)
  • MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan (Tamil)
  • Manna Wong (Cantonese)
  • Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
  • OPL ChineseText 012414
  • Our Public Library

Save Toronto's Public Libraries

  • Save Toronto Public Libraries
  • Save Toronto Public Libraries (abridged)

Save Our Libraries

  • Save Our Libraries - Margaret Atwood
  • Save Our Libraries - Linwood Barclay
  • Save Our Libraries - Joy Fielding
  • Save Our Libraries - Judy Fong-Bates
  • Save Our Libraries - Sylvia Fraser
  • Save Our Libraries - Vincent Lam
  • Save Our Libraries - Robert Rotenberg
  • Save Our Libraries - Susan Swan
  • Save Our Libraries - Jeremy Tankard

Press Conference introducing "Why My Library Matters To Me"

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  • PressConferenceCutdown Pt3-QuickTime H.264

Our Members

  • Joanna Cristini
  • Jinkie David
  • Russell Hanley
  • Vanessa Marion-Merritt
  • Stephanie Pagnello
  • Siddhant Nambiar
  • Fitzgerald Steele
  • Kathleen Tong
  • Ryan Saavedra
  • Eliseo Zompanti.mpg

TPLWU Rally at City Hall - March, 2012

  • Maureen O'Reilly at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Nalini Battu at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Fred Hahn at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Paula Fletcher at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Peggy Nash at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Sarah Shujah at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Three Library Workers at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Cim Nunn at at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall

Deputations to City of Toronto Budget Committee - 2013

  • City Council: Don't Cut Funding to Our Public Library!
  • City Council: Invest In Children!

Librarian Glasses

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We hear you, brother. 🇨🇦#LibraryWarriors need to rest + recharge too. #solidarity
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@WomenWinTO⁩ ! Political boot camp for women celebrates its first electoral wins #solidarity 🏾🏿🏽🏼⁦…
Jun 24
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Jun 24
RT @ab81: Our @torontolibrary Bookmobile is all dolled up for #PrideTO parade and serenading the audience with upbeat music.
Jun 24
RT @ab81: The view of #PrideTO parade from the marchers’ eyes.
Jun 24
RT @torontolibrary: Happy #Pride, Toronto! TPL & @Local4948 staff are marching in the Pride Parade and carrying red balloons to honour 30 y…
Jun 24
RT @margonaut: A @torontolibrary bookmobile at the #PrideToronto Parade 🏳️‍
Jun 24
RT @ab81: Today was a wonderful reminder that a little... ok, a lot of rain won’t dampen spirits & that light always comes after the rain.…
Jun 24
RT @ab81: So proud to march with @torontolibrary & @Local4948 staff at #PrideTO parade. We’re wearing red and carrying red balloons to hono…
Jun 24
Happy #Pride from the Toronto Public Library Workers Union #TOPride #Solidarity #equity #diversity #justice
Jun 22
Congratulations to the graduating class of@WomenWinTO⁩ and to the new faces of women in politics. What an inspiri…
Jun 22
Now hearing from @hemavyas who is the founding member of @WomenWinTO. She congratulates the Leadership Team and th…
Jun 21
Celebrating the summer solstice today by recognizing the strength of women activists. Among them is the Honourable…
Jun 21
Next up is Dr. Jean Augustine, the first Black woman to be elected to Parliament and the first Black woman to hold…
Jun 21
Only 14 out of 45 members on city council are women. There is only one openly gay member, and only one woman of col…
Jun 21
Opening remarks from Councillor @kristynwongtam who is a champion for gender equity and for women in general at cit…
Jun 21
RT @abrarissi: I have been looking forward to tonight's celebration for @WomenWinTO participants for weeks now. Congratulations all #TOpol
Jun 21
Women Win TO wrap-up Celebration for 2018. We need more women candidates and campaigners in politics and this group…
Jun 20
RT @wylie_alan: - so staffless library tech allows staff to do more community outreach !!! Not if the council buyin…
Jun 20
RT @GShankz: Child care system is set for the 70s and not for the 21st century- given people are precariously employed with short notice on…
Jun 20
RT @GShankz: Listening to @SaraMojtehedz on her investigative journalism on temporary workers being hired in #Ontario #pepso
Jun 20
RT @GShankz: Is precarious employment here to stay? - definitely an interesting yet scary thought #Pepso @UWGreaterTO
Jun 20
RT @CUPEOntario @CUPEOntario Vice President Yolanda McClean @Yoequality - has been named one of Canada's top 100 accomplished black Cana…
Jun 20
RT @GShankz: “Rising tide only lifts some boats: the differential impacts of precarious employment##precariousWork #pepso @Local4948
Jun 19
RT @wylie_alan: Councillors/Policy Makers “We’re going to be innovative & call libraries ‘hubs’ & make them much more than just about books…
Jun 19
RT @Janet_Davis: Library workers make our libraries great!
Jun 18
RT @CUPEOntario: "Today’s announcement of a unilateral hiring freeze across all government services demonstrates Premier Designate Doug For…
Jun 18
Cllr @SarahEDoucette asks: have we seen this plan before with extended hours but w/o a real service? TPL responds b…
Jun 18
At TPL library board listening to stories of trust that our patrons put into library as a safe place, with strong c…
Jun 18
At the TPL Board. “Open Hours” vision is presented. More hours is great. How is TPL going to provide real library…
Jun 18
RT @wylie_alan: Don't let them fool you folks A Public Library without paid/trained library staff isn't a Public Library. It's a building,…
Jun 18
RT @Staffourlibrary: Staff our Libraries can reveal that as predicted there have been further breaches of safety in staffless libraries lea…
Jun 18
RT @publiclibnews: The Telegraph, which very rarely covers libraries, writes critically about staffless technology (partially behind paywal…
Jun 18
RT @dawnafinch: "Open access" library - sounds great doesn't it? It really means a staffless DIY room of books. No wonder people don't want…
Jun 18
RT @E_dayEccentric: Sadly, with the conversion of almost 200 of Ireland’s 330 libraries for unmanned, staffless hours, this won’t be the ca…
Jun 18
RT @Staffourlibrary: Nearly 200 of Ireland's 330 public libraries will be converted for staffless unmanned hours.
Jun 18
Cllr @Janet_Davis presents to @torontolibrary board on Dawes Road Library + space for youth. Thanks to Cllr Davis f…
Jun 17
RT @lauraaversa: A beautiful cake for @4948President! You will be missed