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Precarious Work in TPL: Toronto's Challenge

  • Precarious Work in Toronto Public Library: Toronto's Challenge

Our Public Library Campaign

  • Our Public Library
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (English)
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (Portuguese)
  • Alejandra Bravo (English)
  • Alejandra Bravo (Spanish)
  • Paula Fletcher
  • Fred Hahn, President CUPE Ontario
  • Councillor Joe Mihevc
  • Winnie Ng (Mandarin)
  • Councillor Gord Perks
  • Rathika Sitsabaiesan (English)
  • MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan (Tamil)
  • Manna Wong (Cantonese)
  • Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
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  • Our Public Library

Save Toronto's Public Libraries

  • Save Toronto Public Libraries
  • Save Toronto Public Libraries (abridged)

Save Our Libraries

  • Save Our Libraries - Margaret Atwood
  • Save Our Libraries - Linwood Barclay
  • Save Our Libraries - Joy Fielding
  • Save Our Libraries - Judy Fong-Bates
  • Save Our Libraries - Sylvia Fraser
  • Save Our Libraries - Vincent Lam
  • Save Our Libraries - Robert Rotenberg
  • Save Our Libraries - Susan Swan
  • Save Our Libraries - Jeremy Tankard

Press Conference introducing "Why My Library Matters To Me"

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Our Members

  • Joanna Cristini
  • Jinkie David
  • Russell Hanley
  • Vanessa Marion-Merritt
  • Stephanie Pagnello
  • Siddhant Nambiar
  • Fitzgerald Steele
  • Kathleen Tong
  • Ryan Saavedra
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TPLWU Rally at City Hall - March, 2012

  • Maureen O'Reilly at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Nalini Battu at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Fred Hahn at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Paula Fletcher at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Peggy Nash at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Sarah Shujah at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Three Library Workers at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Cim Nunn at at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall

Deputations to City of Toronto Budget Committee - 2013

  • City Council: Don't Cut Funding to Our Public Library!
  • City Council: Invest In Children!

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RT @CUPE2974: Essex County Library Warriors organize blood drive for one of their own.
Jun 23
Closing comments #USWxNDPLDdr Spirited discussion btw candidates @CharlieAngusNDP @nikiashton @GuyCaronNPD @MPJulian @theJagmeetSingh
Jun 23
RT @theJagmeetSingh: We need to ensure that as a party, we have an urban agenda that focuses on transit and housing #USWxNDPldr
Jun 23
RT @theJagmeetSingh: Immigration has built our country. It has made us stronger #USWxNDPldr
Jun 23
RT @nikiashton: I'm proud to have stood alongside USW, fighting for their rights. Pensions are deferred wages, period.#USWxNDPldr https://t
Jun 23
RT @CharlieAngusNDP: Fighting precarity starts from the bottom up. Communities working together, and New Democrats fighting for them #USWx
Jun 23
RT @CharlieAngusNDP: Welcoming people who come to Canada is about the kind of country we want to be, from cities to rural areas, from BC to…
Jun 23
RT @SteelworkersCA: Fireworks between candidates right now. Head-to-head debate format is pretty exciting #USWxNDPldr
Jun 23
.@theJagmeetSingh: We need an urban agenda that supports cities and builds infrastructure #USWxNDPLDdr @SteelworkersCA
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA.@nikiashton: JT not fighting for Cdn jobs esp in softwood lumber negotiations & yes to voting at 16 #USWxNDPLDdr
Jun 22
.@nikiashton says @JustinTrudeau must stand up to bullies like @realDonaldTrump#USWxNDPLDdr @SteelworkersCA
Jun 22
Next Q: "What is wrong with @JustinTrudeau approach to @realDonaldTrump". Answer @CharlieAngusNDP "Where do I start #USWxNDPLDdr
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA: Question and critique section isn't easy. Great job to all candidates for respectfully taking each other to task #USWx
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA.@MPJulian: Meaningful and long term reconciliation #USWxNDPldr
Jun 22
RT @CBCAlerts: Watch live as NDP leadership debate underway in Toronto:
Jun 22
RT @CharlieAngusNDP: An energy transition is possible. We need a federal government that is willing to do the work #USWxNDPldr
Jun 22
RT @GuyCaronNPD: While you pay 3$ at an ATM, Banks rake in G$. It’s time to pay their fair share #progressiveagenda #USWxNDPldr https://t.
Jun 22
RT @theJagmeetSingh: My plan to make Canada's tax system more fair will build a more inclusive economy #ndpldr
Jun 22
RT @nikiashton: Tax fairness is necessary so why not go further? It's time to be bold and strive for TRUE fairness #canlab #USWxNDPldr
Jun 22
RT @nikiashton: Proud to have met w/ labour leaders across this country during this campaign and in our precarious work tour #genyasksy #c
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA.@CharlieAngusNDP: do what Jack did - have a vision for a social democratic government #USWxNDPLdr
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA.@theJagmeetSingh: show respect & solidarity with Québécois. QC is a progressive province, and we are their national al…
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA @theJagmeetSingh.@MPJulian: Support top issues in QC such as opposing Energy East, support student movement #USWxNDPL
Jun 22
RT @cartwrightTO#USWxNDPldr debate - 5 strong voices for #socialjustice #workersRights to choose from for #NDP leader. Sponsored by @St
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA#USWxNDPLdr 1st question: what will you do to ensure Canadins have meaningful access to unionization & a response to th…
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA: Happy to announce that our debate tonight is going to be broadcast live. Tune in shortly after 7:00 EST: #USWxND
Jun 22
Sold out crowd. Topic: Labour. Justice. Our Future. Didn't get a ticket? Watch here #USWxNDPldr debate
Jun 22
.@KenUSW opens #USWxNDPldr debate showing abuse faced by call centre wrks. Visit to take action @SteelworkersCA
Jun 22
RT @SteelworkersCA: Toronto #USWxNDPLdr is about to begin. For those at home, follow along with the live broadcast at
Jun 21
RT @ttcriders: Thank you so much for your support @Local4948! We're excited to keep fighting for better transit for library workers and yo…
Jun 20
RT @Cupe1989: Join the fight 4 decent hrs, paid sick days, right 2 orgnize, respect @ work, rules 2 protect all, $15 Min Wage #15andFairnes
Jun 20
RT @jsikora.@Cupe1989 LauraKaminker: Strike victory @mississaugalib built on foundation of community support incl @fairwagesnow#sisterso…
Jun 20
RT @fairwagesnow: Our successful #15andFairness campaign to ban Dr's notes will save health care costs, help workers, reduce stress. https:…
Jun 20
RT @DeenaLadd: A $15 minimum wage in Ontario: a game changer - Behind the Numbers @fairwagesnow#onp…
Jun 20
RT @Cupe1989: Higher wages=more spending=good for economy! $15 min wage will improve earnings of over 1/4 of ONT workforce #15andFairness
Jun 20
RT @jsikora.@torontolabour VP Andrea Babbington tells #sistersoftheroundtable that there is still work left to do to secure #15andfairnes
Jun 20
RT @fairwagesnow: The evidence shows #15andFairness is good for workers, the economy & improves health outcomes!…
Jun 20
RT @Raging_Fem: Students in #Ontario where a huge part of the #15andFairness campaign #MakeItFair #DecentWork #FCEE17 @fairwagesnow https:…
Jun 15
RT @LibnOfCongress: Comic book lovers rejoice! You'll love the Library of Awesome exhibit! A lot of no. 1s #Batman #WonderWoman #Hulk #Luke
Jun 15
RT @wylie_alan: Everyday library workers are being made redundant; undermined & stressed; forced to train volunteers to take their jobs, it…
Jun 15
RT @Staffourlibrary: Chris Riddell:"But what will stay with me long after I hang up my laureate medal are the libraries I have... https://t
Jun 14
RT @TPLWychwood: Father's Day Storytime & Craft Sat June 17th 10:30 am.For 0-6 years.Stories, songs & craft.Drop-in.