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Precarious Work in TPL: Toronto's Challenge

  • Precarious Work in Toronto Public Library: Toronto's Challenge

Our Public Library Campaign

  • Our Public Library
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (English)
  • Councillor Ana Bailão (Portuguese)
  • Alejandra Bravo (English)
  • Alejandra Bravo (Spanish)
  • Paula Fletcher
  • Fred Hahn, President CUPE Ontario
  • Councillor Joe Mihevc
  • Winnie Ng (Mandarin)
  • Councillor Gord Perks
  • Rathika Sitsabaiesan (English)
  • MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan (Tamil)
  • Manna Wong (Cantonese)
  • Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
  • OPL ChineseText 012414
  • Our Public Library

Save Toronto's Public Libraries

  • Save Toronto Public Libraries
  • Save Toronto Public Libraries (abridged)

Save Our Libraries

  • Save Our Libraries - Margaret Atwood
  • Save Our Libraries - Linwood Barclay
  • Save Our Libraries - Joy Fielding
  • Save Our Libraries - Judy Fong-Bates
  • Save Our Libraries - Sylvia Fraser
  • Save Our Libraries - Vincent Lam
  • Save Our Libraries - Robert Rotenberg
  • Save Our Libraries - Susan Swan
  • Save Our Libraries - Jeremy Tankard

Press Conference introducing "Why My Library Matters To Me"

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Our Members

  • Joanna Cristini
  • Jinkie David
  • Russell Hanley
  • Vanessa Marion-Merritt
  • Stephanie Pagnello
  • Siddhant Nambiar
  • Fitzgerald Steele
  • Kathleen Tong
  • Ryan Saavedra
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TPLWU Rally at City Hall - March, 2012

  • Maureen O'Reilly at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Nalini Battu at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Fred Hahn at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Paula Fletcher at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Peggy Nash at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Sarah Shujah at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Three Library Workers at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall
  • Cim Nunn at at Toronto Public Library Workers Union Rally at City Hall

Deputations to City of Toronto Budget Committee - 2013

  • City Council: Don't Cut Funding to Our Public Library!
  • City Council: Invest In Children!

Librarian Glasses

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RT @joe_cressy: Another hot summer night, another overflowing Defend our Democracy Town Hall. Doug Ford may claim to be for the people, but…
Aug 17
RT @steveshallhorn: Hundreds packing Metropolitan United Church to join the fight against Doug Ford's smothering of democracy.
Aug 17
RT @dmrider: Library union head Maureen O’Reilly says council cut will be only the start for @fordnation, predicts push for privatization &…
Aug 17
RT @progresstoronto: Huge turnout at tonight’s townhall to defend Toronto’s democracy. Tonight we’re hearing from local politicians, commun…
Aug 17
RT @joemihevc: Senator Art Eggleton: Doug Ford has made so many poor decisions in the last month, and imposing his will on TO democracy is…
Aug 17
RT @ACORNCanada: ACORN leaders ready to fight for #defenddemocrazy
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RT @dmrider: Scarborough NDP MPP @DolyBegum tells crowd #Toronto rejected @fordnation in 2014 mayoral elxn & 2018 provincial vote. “Bill 5…
Aug 17
RT @thomaus: Full, hot house at Metropolitan United of sweaty Torontians who won’t go down without a fight #HandsOffToronto #DefendDemocra
Aug 17
RT @KingsleyKwok#TOpoli Democracy Matters. Hundreds attending #Toronto #DefendDemocracy #HandsoffToronto town hall.
Aug 17
RT @ACORNCanada: ACORN chair Patricia from North Etobicoke is here tonight ! Geared up to spread the word in her ward and riding about #Def
Aug 17
RT @ChrisGloverON: "Anywhere in the world meddling with elections in the middle of elections is considered election rigging," MPP Doly Begu…
Aug 17
RT @TOenviro: We are excited to be part of this packed house to #defenddemocracy and stop #bill5 #TOpoli
Aug 17
RT @RyoDeNet: The last 3 speakers brought an #Labour #environmental #economicjustice perspective to #defendourdemocracy What a wonderful pa…
Aug 17
RT @ausmalik: The drive and commitment of Torontonians to defend our democracy, our say in our communities, school boards -- and to organiz…
Aug 17
RT @JuanL_Garrido: Thank you to the following organizations for bringing us together tonight as we fight back and fight for our city @toro
Aug 17
RT @MylesMagner: Standing Up for Local Democracy! Hundreds of Toronto residents & activists have packed the hall at the mass community meet…
Aug 17
RT @DanM50: Senator Art Eggleton, Toronto’s longest serving mayor, speaks out against the assault on democracy in Toronto #OurCityHall #De
Aug 17
RT @MoreWithMorley: With hundreds of Torontonians (incl. our longest serving Mayor, Art Eggleton) discussing how we can continue to DEFEND…
Aug 17
RT @kristynwongtam: The Metropolitan United Church is packed and the overall message from all speakers is Ford's attack on local democracy…
Aug 17
RT @neville_park: Not including the hosts/sponsors, who include @4948President @TOenviro @ttcriders @progresstoronto and more. Also basica…
Aug 17
RT @kofi_hope: Packed house tonight, honoured to be co-hosting with @4948President a townhall on the pushback against Bill 5. Proudly reppi…
Aug 14
August 16 #LibraryWarriors #publiclibrary supporters. Please join us for this important meeting #OnPoli
Aug 10
The Bill is back! Please sign and share@CUPEOntario#librarywarriors #Onpoli@torontolabour#timetocare
Aug 04
RT @AndreaHorwath: Toronto does not belong to Doug Ford. Toronto belongs to Torontonians!
Aug 04
RT @CUPEOntario: THE TIME TO CARE ACT has been reintroduced by the @OntarioNDP at Queen's Park. Sign the petition at
Aug 04
RT @torontolabour: The Abuse of Power Begins @LabourCouncil Aug2018 statement "A politician interfering in elect…
Aug 01
RT @DesmondCole: dear toronto: dug ford is trying to steal our election, and we have to defend ourselves because no one is coming to save u…
Aug 01
RT @AdamCF: What Doug Ford is doing to city council is bananas but what he's doing to the TDSB is even bananaser (it's a word, look it up).…
Aug 01
RT @progresstoronto: Ford claims Toronto isn't opposed to his undemocratic interference in our elections. We hear, tomorrow, he'll try to s…
Aug 01
RT @CUPEOntario: Join us at Queen's Park tomorrow at 9:45am for Question Period & a press conference to denounce Doug Ford's dictatorial de…
Aug 01
RT @jpags: Fact check: Ford said in the legislature Monday his PC party got "88,646 more votes than the NDP, all combined, in the city of T…
Aug 01
RT @AndreaHorwath: Today, Doug Ford tried to stoke the fires of division again, slandering an NDP MPP in order to shut down question period…
Aug 01
RT @joe_cressy: Toronto is a City of neighbourhoods. It’s liveable because local democracy encourages people to shape their communities. To…
Aug 01
RT @globeandmail: Doug Ford speaks ‘For the People’ - just not low-income people
Aug 01
RT @GraphicMatt: I wasn’t sure if I misheard yesterday, but Doug Ford did in fact say that transit would be built in Toronto for the “first…
Jul 31
RT @iatse58: Check out our latest video on the @ExPlaceTO lock out of @iatse58#58lockedout
Jul 31
RT @torontolabour: Locked out members of @iatse58 picket @ExPlaceTO. All they want is a fair contract @LetsGoToTheEX NOT #Solidarity https…
Jul 31
Act now! Please sign and share @torontolabour @4948President @CUPEOntario#librarywarriors #topoli #onpoli
Jul 30
Urgent! Sign and share: stop Ford's attack on Toronto. Go to to sign the petition #topoli
Jul 30
RT @Lindainred: Here at Queens Park waiting to get in
Jul 30
RT @CUPEOntario#Resist Doug Ford's attack on Toronto democracy and support the gofundme for the legal team representing candidates for ci…
Jul 30
RT @torontolabour: Queen’s Park Livestream - Watch Doug Ford & his conservatives push their plan interfere in Toronto’s democratic election…
Jul 30
RT @joe_cressy: City Council has a fundamental responsibility to stand up and challenge Doug Ford’s attack on Toronto. Make no mistake, it…
Jul 28
RT @Janet_Davis: Thank you TO for defending local democracy #todemocracy
Jul 28
RT @joe_cressy: Toronto is a great City. Our people and local democracy is worth fighting for. Tonight I will move motions for the City of…
Jul 28
RT @AndreaHorwath: Doug Ford is not the king of this province. Ontario is not a dictatorship #fightfortoronto
Jul 28
RT @torontolabour: This is NOT how governments acting “for the people” conduct themselves. Go to for entire @toront
Jul 28
RT @torontolabour: LABOUR COUNCIL CONDEMNS FORD’S ATTACK ON TORONTO Premier Ford’s bombshell announcement that he will hijack the Toronto e…
Jul 27
RT @jpags: Progress Toronto, a political group set up this year to elect more progressives in a 47-ward system, launches petition against F…