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The Toronto Public Library is noted as one of the
organizations that produce leadership in the city.

Broadbent, Alan. "The Many Faces of Leadership
     in a Thriving City: A Rethink of the Toronto 
     Narrative." IMFG Perspectives No. 8/2014

Institute on Municipal Finance & Governance


An examination into the status and future of
Canada's Libraries and Archives

Demers, Patricia (chair), Guylaine Beaudry, 
     Pamela Bjornson, Michael Carroll, Carol
     Couture, Charlotte Gray, Judith Hare,
     Ernie Ingles, Eric Ketelaar, Gerald 
     McMaster, Ken Roberts. (2014). Expert 
     Panel Report on The Future Now:
     Canada’s Libraries, Archives, and Public 
     Memory. Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa.
     ISBN: 978-1-928140-01-6

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) was 
established under an Act of Parliament in
1882 as the senior Canadian collegium of 
distinguished scholars, artists and scientists.


Doolittle, Robyn. Crazy Town, 2014.

His drug and alcohol-fuelled antics made
world headlines and engulfed a city in 
unprecedented controversy.

Reporter Robyn Doolittle was one of 
three journalists to view the video 
of Ford appearing to smoke crack cocaine.


A report on Toronto's financial health. Includes
a recommendation to develop revenue sources.

Slack, Enid, and Andre Cote. "Is Toronto Fiscally
     Healthy?: A Check-up on the City's Finances."
     IMFG Perspectives No. 7/2014.

Institute on Municipal Finance & Governance


Toronto Foundation. Toronto’s Vital Signs
     Report 2014, 2014. 

The Toronto Foundation
The Foundation partners with many researchers
to produce the Toronto’s Vital Signs® Report.
The Report is compiled from current statistics
and studies, identifying progress we should be
proud of and challenges that need to be 
addressed. It is a consolidated snapshot of 
the trends and issues affecting the quality of
life in our city and each of the interconnected
issue areas is critical to the wellbeing of 
Toronto and its residents.


Toronto Region Board of Trade. Closing The
     Prosperity Gap: Solutions for a More Liveable
     City Region, 2014

Toronto Region Board of Trade
Founded in 1845, the Toronto Region Board of
Trade is the chamber of commerce for
Canada's largest urban centre, connecting more
than 12,000 members and 250,000 business
professionals and influencers throughout the
Toronto region.

 2013 ItsMoreThanPoverty Report

An examination of precarious work in Toronto,
an issue very important to library workers.

Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern
     Ontario (PEPSO)research group. It's More
     than Poverty: Employment Precarity and
     Household Well-being, February, 2013.



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