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From the Toronto Sun:

"Labour negotiations with city hall don’t always go by the book.

Along with the contracts for CUPE Locals 79 and 416, the contract for the Toronto Public Library Workers Union CUPE Local 4948 — the only union to go on strike during the Rob Ford era — also runs out at the end of this year.

Local president Maureen O’Reilly — who led the union through the 11-day strike in 2012 — said she hopes there will be a “different approach” during this round of bargaining.

“One that will be respectful of all the parties and one where we can sit down and really talk about our issues,” O’Reilly said. “We really went out on strike in 2012 just not against the Ford administration but against the continuing inroads of precarious work into our workplace ... We’re really hoping that we can sit down and roll up our sleeves and have some real good discussion and look for ways for solutions.”

Library workers experience the highest level of part-time work — 50% of the membership — within the City of Toronto, O’Reilly said.

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