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The Toronto Star has been running an excellent series on precarious work.  Library workers and precarious work are in the spotlight in the June 2 installment. 

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Excerpt from the Toronto Star by Laurie Monsebraaten

Dreaming of a full-time job

Ada Jaworska, 24, has been shelving books part-time at the Toronto Public Library for nine years and loves her job.

But the York University graduate is desperate to move to full-time so she can afford to move out of her parents’ house and get on with her life.

As a permanent part-time employee, Jaworksa is guaranteed 14 hours a week and earns about $850 a month after deductions. She picks up extra hours to build seniority and improve her chance of full-time work, but it’s a struggle.

"I'm told it could take up to 12 years," she says. 

"It's a long time."

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