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At the City budget vote on March 11, Councillor Sarah Doucette,Library Board member and Cllr for Ward 13, introduced a motion to reinstate the $200,000 cut from the library budget 

Library Board members and City Cllrs Mary Fragedakis and Ana Bail√£o also strongly supported this motion, as did Councillor Janet Davis.

Cllrs Mammolitti, Campbell, and Ford attacked the reinstatement of $200,000 to the library budget for security.  Nevertheless, the motion passed!  It was a close vote: 23-20.  

How did your City councillor vote?  Here are the Councillors who voted against the motion to restore the cuts to the Library budget. 

John Campbell - Ward 4
Cristin Carmichael Greb Ward 16
Josh Colle - Ward 15
Gary Crawford - Ward 36 
Vincent Crisanti - Ward 1
Glenn De Baeremaker - Ward 38
Justin Di Ciano - Ward 5
John Filion - Ward 23 
Rob Ford - Ward 2
Mark Grimes - Ward 6
Stephen Holyday - Ward 3
Norm Kelly - Ward 40 
Georgio Mammolitti - Ward 7
Josh Matlow - Ward 22
Denzil Minnan-Wong - Ward 34
Ron Moeser - Ward 44
Frances Nunziata - Ward 11
Cesar Palacio - Ward 17
David Shiner - Ward 24
John Tory - Mayor

Jaye Robinson was absent.  James Pasternak abstained from this vote. 

We are very disappointed that Mayor Tory voted against this motion - a reinstatement of the library security budget representing only a 0.1% increase after years of cuts.  

We are thankful to the councillors who voted to support the reinstatement of this money previously cut. Thank you to all the citizens who signed the campaign petition - your support made a difference!

The City and the Library Board received over 5,000 emails protesting the security cuts - indeed, Toronto loves their libraries and wants the cuts to end.   

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