Toronto Public Library Workers Union

ub78lwOCJoin the 15 & Fairness Campaign for a rally outside the Ministry of Labour.   The Toronto Public Library Workers Union will be there!

Where: The Ministry of Labour, 400 University Avenue

When: Friday, April 15

Time:  12:30 pm

Why:  (From their website) Since March 2015, the Ministry of Labour has been reviewing the laws that govern our workplaces. As we wait for the Interim Report of this Changing Workplaces Review, communities across the province will be mobilizing on April 15 to tell our elected officials that we are watching them closely — and we want them to be champions of decent work!

Workers have been speaking out about the state of the labour market — parents trying to make ends meet on poverty wages, recent graduates struggling to pay student debt on short-term contracts, temp workers with no guarantee of hours, workers losing their wages and working conditions when contracts flip, and unfair exemptions that leave some workers with no protection at all. On April 15, let’s make sure that every voice is heard and every worker is protected.

Take a moment now to learn about the actions happening near you, spread the word by sharing local events on Facebook or Twitter – we’re using hashtags  #15andFairness, #OntarioWeWant.

If you are not able to attend, please take action by emailing the Premier


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