Toronto Public Library Workers Union

Area Chair

The Area Chair shall sit as a member of and represent their area on the Executive Board. They may also be on the Negotiating Committee.

Duties of the Area Chair and Vice-Chair

The Area Chair is responsible for the co-ordination of grievances and stewards in their area. The Area Chair shall also sit as a member of and represent their area on the Grievance Appraisal Committee (GAC). In addition they shall monitor the working conditions and the collective agreement. 


c2 steven-burdickSteven Burdick, Support Services
Location: Bibliographic Services

Shortly after I started working at the library my immediate co-workers asked me to become their steward. I accepted; and then I discovered that the workers' world needed to be bettered and that language and listening could work to that end.

This was a greater world in sight, one based in a present and growing community, eventually far greater than the library itself, but always rooted in those singularities of time and place. Sometimes that world has seemed to recede; but always it has remained in view, desireable, however distant.


c2 brian-raymerBrian Raymer, Toronto Reference Library

Toronto Reference Library - Access

I became a union activist because I thought it was time for me to step up and get involved in issues at work. I also wanted to gain some experience doing something for my fellow workers who always seemed to come to me with their issues and concerns. I guess I was a hidden activist and thought it was time to get involved. 



c2 karen-smithKaren Smith, South

Location: Northern District Library

I was hired by the library in 1979. I worked first as a Page, and then later as full-time Public Service Assistant. I have always been interested in the union. I attended the meetings regularly. I just needed a nudge to become more involved. I got that nudge ten years ago.

The satisfaction that comes from helping someone with issues they bring forward has kept the position both interesting and rewarding. The teamwork, advice and respect has been a great reward as well.



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